XI- Commerce
With an unparalleled track record of guiding and tutoring students who have achieved immensely, SKIOC is the best place for commerce courses .
Decision making after class 10th.
The decisions that you take after class 10th are crucial for your career. At this stage, whatever you will choose will stick with you throughout your life. Yes, it can be stressful! but if you understand your strengths you can make a great decision.
Why Commerce?
Commerce is the engine of the economy
The world runs on business and financial transactions,
Always in demand
Commerce is not going to stop. Infact, it will grow with new technology.
Great package
The demand for people with good understanding of commerce ensures that you will get a very nice package..
Very respected career
Commerce is quite essential for people and people who work in this field get a lot of respect

Class XI

  • Accountancy
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
Commerce at SKIOC.
We have a lot of experience in teaching class 11th and 12th. Commerce at SKIOC is knowledge with fun. We go into the topics in detail and in interesting manner so that you understand it very well and perform exceedingly well in your exams.

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