B.Com. (Prog.)
With an unparalleled track record of guiding and tutoring students who have achieved immensely, SKIOC is the best place for commerce courses .

Why B.COM?

Choosing the degree is all dependent upon your interest. In B.Com students are exposed to various fields like: Accounting, Taxation, Business laws, Corporate laws, Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Retail management. So if you are having interest in these fields, you may go for B.Com.

B.Com (Prog.) 1st Year

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business and Industrial Law
  • Economics
  • Business Management ( BOM )


B.Com (Prog.) 2nd Year

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Company and Compensation Laws
  • Income Tax and Auditing
  • Economics


B.Com (Prog.) 3rd Year

  • Cost Accounting
  • Economics
  • Financial Management (FM) - Optional Paper
  • Human Resource Managment (HRM) -
    Optional Paper


Commerce at SKIOC.
We have a lot of experience in coaching for CMA. Commerce at SKIOC is knowledge with fun. We go into the topics in detail and in interesting manner so that you understand it very well and perform exceedingly well in your exams.

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